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Naturies Liver Care

NZD$ 32.39

Naturies Liver Care provides complete support for healthy liver function. This premiumformula supports liver health with natural herbs. Antioxidants from glutathione, curcuminand flavonoids from bamboo leaf support liver health. Dandelion extract has been shown tosupport healthy liver cells. Milk thistle extract, kudzu, goji berry and mulberry are herbstraditionally used to support liver health.

  • Support healthy liver function
  • Scientifically formulated with natural herbal ingredients


Ingredient Per Tablet: Milk Thistle Extract 200 mg, Dandelion Extract100 mg, Glutathione Yeast Powder 50 mg, Curcumin 30 mg, KudzuRoot 30 mg, Goji Berry 30 mg, Mulberry 30 mg, Bamboo LeafFlavonoids 20 mg. Contains Tabletting Aids.

Milk Thistle Extract 200 mg

Milk thistle extract is a key antioxidant help to protect the body from the damaging effectsof free radicals. This action supports liver detoxification and the regeneration of liver cellstoxins or free radicals. Milk thistle extract also can help with healthy cholesterol levels.

Dandelion Extract 100 mg

Dandelion extract has diuretic properties, which may help the liver by increasing urineproduction for detoxification. Dandelion extract is rich in antioxidants which supportshealthy liver function.

Glutathione Yeast Powder 50 mg, Curcumin 30 mg, BambooLeaf Flavonoids 20 mg

Glutathione, curcumin and flavonoids are all powerful antioxidant that support natural liver detoxification processes. Glutathione helps the removal of toxins and harmful substancesin the liver.

Kudzu Root 30 mg, Goji Berry 30 mg, Mulberry 30 mg

Kudzu root, goji berries, and mulberries are herbs traditionally used to support liver health.They are all rich in antioxidants and important for liver health. Kudzu root supports liver detoxification processes. Goji berry supports the immune system. Mulberry supportshealthy blood sugar levels