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Naturies is dedicated to the advancement of nutritional science

with revolutionary technology, expert researchers and high-quality raw ingredients all contributing to our pioneering range of health products.

We believe in constantly investing in the research and science essential to continue excelling ourselves, delivering the next generation of high-performance nutraceuticals that help support people’s overall health and wellbeing.

This is why we created our own Naturies Nutrition Research Centre, located in the heart of New Zealand. Opened by the country’s then-Technology Minister Paula Bennett in 2009, the centre comprises a first-class laboratory, cutting-edge manufacturing facility and highly experienced research team, all focused on developing the planet’s best nutritional health products.

This leading technology is complimented by our use of pure, top-quality raw ingredients – including many sourced from New Zealand’s world-renowned natural resources. Our centre aims to continue advancing the field of plant nutrition, using clinical research to discover even more botanicals that yield potent health benefits.

From raw materials and development to manufacture and distribution, our centre is committed to the strictest quality assurance processes – including a stringent Risk Management Programme (RMP) that encompasses a thorough Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP). Guaranteeing the highest standards possible, Naturies delivers consistent, credible and highly effective products that you can trust with every stage of your health.