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About Naturies

Naturies is a New Zealand founded health and wellness brand that produces premium dietary supplements.


Our rich and diverse health product range is built on the foundation of advanced nutritional science, powered by our own Naturies NutritionResearch Centre.

Naturies is dedicated to discovering the best solutions for your family’s well-being. Our customers’ health and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. Our nutritional supplements have been designed to provide effective benefits for protecting, supporting, repairing, restoring, detoxing, and enhancing all aspects of wellbeing needs.


Our customers’ health and safety lies at the heart of everything we do.

Naturies health product range is built on the foundation from the supported scientific research and studies. Our expert research team are devoted to developing the next generation of highperformance nutraceuticals. Developing new and effective supplements has always been the primary focus for the company.

Our products come from sustainable resources and are GE free. Wherever possible, we source these first locally in New Zealand, or from the accredited international suppliers. Naturies is also conscious about its responsibility towards the environment. The product packaging has been designed to minimise plastic waste.

Naturies Group & Partners