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Naturies Reven™ Whitening

NZD$ 85.00

Naturies Reven™ Whitening –Glutathione White Tomato Rose Drink is a powerfulall-natural skin regeneration formulation which combines natural glutathione, vitamin C,and other herb extracts to support overall skin health and appearance.

  • Supports skin repair from sun damages
  • Supports a bright, luminous complexion
  • Supports skin lightening for speckles
  • Supports skin health from the inside out

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White tomato concentrate, Roseconcentrate, Glutathione yeast extract,Bamboo leaf flavone, Grape seed extract,Acerola cherry concentrate, Kiwi fruitconcentrate, Citrus fiber, Noni fruitconcentrate, Haematococcus pluvialis(Natural Astaxanthin)Other ingredients: water.

White Tomato

White tomato extract is a skincare ingredient that contains L-Cysteine, a crucial aminoacid that aids your body in forming glutathione. Glutathione is a major antioxidant in yourbody that helps keep your skin fair and prevents blemish, freckles, acne scars, and agespots. White tomato extract also contains carotenoids that can protect your skin from sunexposure and ultimately minimise skin pigmentation.

Herbal and Fruit Extracts

With added Rose, Grape seed extract, Acerola cherry, Kiwi fruit, Noni fruit and NaturalAstaxanthin, those are known for their antioxidant properties to help combat with freeradical damages and support cell regeneration.