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Naturies Prebotic Gut Care Shots 10s

NZD$ 72.00

Contains high strength of prebiotics to support a healthy digestive system

Supports healthy bowel regularity

Supports soothing and calming bowel comfort


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Naturies Gut Care Shot is scientifically formulated with prebiotics, dietary fibre, honey and
5 herbal extracts for gut and digestion support. The prebiotics inulin XOS, FOS and GOS
support the growth and metabolism of probiotic intestinal bacteria. Healthy gut flora
supports a healthy immune and digestive system. Aloe vera juice supports soothing and
calming bowel comfort. Olive leaf extract, Heartleaf Houttuynia and Cassia seed are
formulated to support healthy bowel regularity.

Naturies Prebotic Gut Care Shots 10s – Naturies