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Naturies Complex Protein Powder

NZD$ 72.00

Name: Complex Protein Powder (Solid Beverage)
Product Origin: New Zealand
Product Packaging: 454g/Can
Ingredients: Soy protein powder, whey protein powder, soy lecithin, dicalcium phosphate, strawberry powder
Preparation Instruction:
• One serve per day, take 1-2 spoons each time (around 10g per spoon).
• Add the product to milk, juice, soup or other liquid together with sweetener or seasoning as required, blend or shake until fully mixed before serving.



Feature of Product
• Extracted from non-GMO soybeans and New Zealand fresh milk, combined with both animal and plant protein with high bioavailability.
• With High protein content of 83%, it is higher than other similar products.
• Unique addition of soy lecithin and dicalcium phosphate to promote protein absorption.
• Pure natural strawberry powder improves the single taste of protein powder and is easy to prepare.
• 100% natural product, free of wheat bran, sugar, flavor, artificial color and preservatives, diabetic friendly.
Suitable consumer
• Use as daily dietary supplements
• Pregnant women, lactation women, the elderly, those do not eat breakfast, those under weight control, athletes, those with weak physique, those with low immunity etc. who need extra protein supplement.
• Those recover from illness, malnutrition, anaemia and those with low digestion function.