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Naturies Colostrum Composite 60s

NZD$ 90.00

Name: Colostrum Composite Powder

Product Origin: New Zealand

Product Packaging: 1g/sachet x 60 sachets/can

Ingredients: Colostrum powder, whey protein powder, oligofructose, casein phosphopeptide.

Preparation Instruction:

Reconstitute with warm water (below 50oC) for consumption, or can be prepared with milk or soup for consumption.

  • Young children over 12 months old: one serve per day, 1 sachet per serve;
  • Children and adolescents: one serve per day, 1-2 sachets per serve;
  • Adult: one serve per day, 2 sachets per serve.

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  • New Zealand is the country with the best natural environment and the most developed dairy industry in the world. One of the home, New Zealand dairy cattle are all naturally free-range, pollution-free.
  • The collection, transportation, and production of the whole process are strictly monitored to ensure the high-quality.
  • Made of high-tech low temperature and high pressure spray drying process to ensure that the activity of the protein is not destroyed.
  • Specially added prebiotics to support normal function and promotion of digestive tract.
  • CPP (casein phosphopeptide) is specially added to facilitate calcium absorption.


  • Infants, children and pregnant women.
  • People with low immunity.
  • Patients with chronic diseases, cancer, and old and weak
  • Postoperative rehabilitation population.