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Naturies Sa Collagen Peptide Drink 30s

NZD$ 119

Name: Sialic Acid Collagen Peptide Liquid

Product Origin: New Zealand

Product Benefits

• Anti Aging
• Skin tightening
• Skin complexion improvement

Ingredients: Water, collagen peptide, blueberry concentrate, blood orange concentrate, sorbitol, sialic acid.

Use of Direction:

Take 10-20mL (1-2 sachets) once a day.


• Extract N-acetylneuraminic acid from swiftlet saliva coagulants to promote active nourishment.
• Collagen peptide is cold extracted from NZ deep-sea salmon skin,
• Peptide at 180-500 Dalton works effectively for direct absorption.
• Anthocyanin and Vitamin C from concentrated Blueberry and blood orange to fight radical for
anti aging.