• Made directly from fresh milk and concentrated: from fresh milk.
  • Calcium source closest to the ingredients of breast milk, no gastrointestinal burden, no constipation after eating.
  • Calcium absorption rate up to 92% or more: milk calcium is the easiest of all calcium groups
  • Unique formula: specially added lemon powder, acidic environment, conducive to calcium in the gut
  • Natural flavor, thick milk fragrance which is easy to eat: xylitol makes the taste of milk which is suitable for children’s taste needs without increasing blood glucose metabolism.
  • No risk of dental caries.


  • Nervous, irritable and insomnia.
  • Poor dental condition, osteoporosis, menstrual cramps
  • People who drink carbonated beverages regularly.
  • Night shift workers.
  • Vegetarians, infants and young adults and the elderly.