Name: Sodium Hyaluronate Complex Tablets

  • The absorption rate of oral hyaluronic acid is up to 90% and is absorbed directly by the cells into the blood and through the circulation of the blood permeate the body and the skin dermis,
  • It can lock water, smooth fine lines, moisturize skin and delay aging.
  • Hyaluronic acid + collagen is a golden combination for moisturizing and wrinkling.
  • Use science formula to remove the oxygen free radicals in the cells to enhance the ability of cell regeneration and plump the skin water embellish.


  • People in need of skin improvement.
  • People with dry skin.
  • People with large, oily pores.


Name: Glutathione Yeast Powder Complex Tablets

  • Extract pure natural glutathione from yeast, inhibit tyrosinase activity, and can be hydrolyzed into cysteine, which interferes with melanin synthesis. At the same time “Anti-oxidation” + “inhibition” dual effect, targeting to metabolize melanin.
  • Scientific formula to assist together, five whitening ingredients. Effective antioxidant, clear
  • In addition to oxygen free radicals in cells, enhance cell regeneration, lighten stains, brighten skin tone and make skin plump and moisturized.
  • Pure natural products, free of wheat bran, sugar, flavors, artificial colors and preservatives agent.


  • People who need to whiten skin.
  • People who need to lighten their spots.